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Minutes of the meeting of WFC Enables

The Staff Room, Vicarage Road Stadium, on Thursday 16th March 2016, at 7.30pm.

Committee present:

David Butler WFCE Chairman

Phil Linnegar WFCE Secretary

Iain Lamb WFCE Treasurer

Phil Nightingale WFCE Vice Chairman

Richard Patey

Dave Messenger WFC

Andy Jenkins WFC

Committee apologies:

Glyn Evans WFC Ticketing Manager

Jo Simmons WFC Operations Director

1. Welcome

David Butler welcomed everyone to the meeting.

2. Minutes of the last meeting

2.1 The minutes of the last meeting were accepted.

3. Matters arising

3.1 There were no matters arising.

4. Agenda Items

4.1 Upper Graham Taylor Stand

4.11 UGT seat movement had caused problems for physically disabled supporters who wanted an end of aisle position for ease of access. Dave Messenger explained that all written responses are being noted and disabled fans will need to renew their tickets and each persons’ requirements will be addressed.

4.2 NE Corner

4.21 Dave reported that 11 Home wheelchair spaces in NE corner, available for the 2016/17 season. These are unsafe to use at present, because as at the back the shop is being built. Visiting supporters are currently front of Sir Elton John Stand, although there is no immediately accessible toilet. The prices are expected to be the same, but Jo was not available to confirm.

4.3 Website

4.31 David reported that WFCE website launches at the weekend. WFCE has provided emails for other DLA and supporters groups. Initial feedback has been favourable.

4.32 David asked Committee Members to please send photos for the website, if they wish to have their photo displayed, to

4.33 WFCE Relaunch the coming weekend matchday, would centre around a double page spread in the programme, a video on the WFC YouTube Channel and Hornets Player, to highlight the group.

4.34 David would send a note to all DSC chairman and groups, and Level Playing Field.

5. Qualification of disabled supporters.

5.1 The qualification of disabled supporters is provided on the Enables website

6. Green Guide

6.11 David explained that the Green Guide is about accessible stadia, and the Premiership Clubs have committed to meet the requirements by August 2017. The Guide is based on capacity of sports grounds, rather than demand for spaces.

6.12 David explained that Swansea FC seating is flexible, and can be converted from wheelchair platform to standard seating with reasonable ease. However the spaces are counted as wheelchair spaces. The group discussed some of the plans to meet the guidelines.

7. Wembley Semi Final.

7.1 Wheelchair fans are anticipated to use the organised coaches. Richard asked if WFC can provide a knowledgeable single point of contact. John Skilton’s Brother explained that disabled tickets are not available online, but that meant a 40 minute call on hold wait. Members asked why there could not be a special route in works for special games. The Members asked why can’t there be a special route in for all games. It was agreed that a call-back service would be implemented for the FA Cup Semi-Final, and a view will be taken as to the possibility of extending this service into next season during the summer.

8. Social Activities

8.1 The Committee discussed other activities WFC Enables could coordinate for Members. Gary reported that there is a Quiz Night at the Southern Cross, Watford, every Thursday at 9.00pm. Other events could include

  • WFC Community Day - June/July

  • Christmas Party - November/December

  • Hornet’s Shop Opening - To be confirmed

  • Hornet’s Shop - Christmas Shopping event

  • Guided Stadium Tours and Meet the Players

    8.2 Shuttle Bus
    8.21 The Shuttle Bus process to design a matchday service specification was required with costings. On matchday, the front half of WFC Staff Room is used for the Hornet shot Click and Collect service. Action Phil Linnegar

    9. Any Other Business

    9.1 Wheel Chair Ponchos
    9.11 WFCE funded free wheel chair ponchos for supporters. Members should ask Dave Messenger or other members of the stewarding team.

    9.2 Perspex screen
    9.21 John Skilton explained that at the last meeting in October, he had requested a Perspex screen. Dave stated that works could not always be done in a timely way, and that the Procurement Officer, Angel Sagaura would need to agree the proposal. It was agreed that Dave would take this action forward.
    Action: Dave Messenger

    9.3 Large Screen
    7.31 Phil asked whether WFCE might be able to attract any large screen notices on matchdays, going forward.

    9.4 Carers Tickets
    7.41 Members asked if Dave could please check ticketing arrangements and reported back.
    Action: Dave Messenger

    9.5 SW Lift
    9.51 Members were concerned that the SW Lift was broken, and asked how this had happened. It appeared that the passenger lift had been used as a goods lift, (it was established that there was elsewhere a goods lift). Andy agreed to raise the matter with Glyn and the Procurement Manager.
    Action: Andy

    9.6 SW Corner
    9.61 SW Corner is inaccessible to WFC visitors, which prevents a shorter route around the ground. However, the SW corner access belongs to Watford Hospital, and is currently locked off.

    10. Date of the Next Meeting
    10.1 David confirmed that the next WFCE meeting would be held on Thursday 26
    th May 2016.

    11. Thanks and Close

    11.1 David thanks everyone for their contributions, and closed the meeting at 8.50pm.