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Sensory Room

With a proud family tradition, WFC opened their new Sensory Room in October 2016 which has enabled children on the autism spectrum to enjoy match days in a calm environment.

It is proving to have a significant impact on children who struggle to cope with big crowds and noise levels at stadiums.

The room features a comfortably furnished viewing area, with an excellent view of the action and a calming area featuring a bubble tube, fibre-optic carpet, soft seating, wall projectors and a glitter-ball with colour wheel.

The room also incorporates a Bluetooth speaker system so that visitors can choose their own music if the game becomes too noisy or distressing for their child.

To assist visitors the room is managed by fully-trained staff with a background in working with children on the autism spectrum.

The Sensory Room, the Premier League's only one of two such provision is also the largest of its kind and only the third permanent facility in the country.

It has proved enormously popular and was fully booked through to the end of the 2016/17. season.

To enquire as to availability please email Dave Messenger -