Hidden and Disability & Medical Exemption Cards

Hidden Disability & Medical Exemption Cards

Please note that there is an A4 sized bag limit at Vicarage Road and indeed most other stadiums/ sports venues- this is to minimise terrorist risks.

These new Medical Exemption cards will assist you.

Watford Football Club offer a non-mandatory Hidden Disability Cards scheme, which allows supporters with a hidden disability, or who require a medical exemption to bring essential items into the stadium, to order a card containing messages relating to their needs, which can be given to any member of staff and enable supporters to access our disabled facilities.

The scheme is something that several clubs have introduced, and details will be shared with other clubs ahead of all away fixtures, so that the cards can also be used while following the Hornets up and down the country.

Supporters wishing to apply for a card should email their name, Fan ID and details of which card or cards they would like, with details of essential items where applicable, to disabled.supporters@watfordfc.com . We may ask for supporters to send proof of eligibility, in some cases.

The cards available include:

  • Please be patient, I have had a stroke

  • Please be aware, I have epilepsy

  • Please face me and speak clearly, I lip read

  • I am visually impaired, please be patient

  • Please do not touch me, I have a hidden disability

  • Medical Exemption Card

  • I have autism, please be direct

  • I am hard of hearing, please speak slowly

  • Please scan my ticket for me

  • Please help me find my seat

  • I have difficulty speaking, please be patient

  • I have a hidden disability