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1. Name: The group shall be called Watford Football Club Enables

2. Definitions: The following abbreviations/phrases may be used:

WFC - Watford Football Club Limited

WFCE - Watford Football Club Enables

EDI - Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

3. Aims and Objectives: The aims and objectives of WFCE shall be:-

3.1. To provide a focus at WFC for supporters with disabilities along with their friends,

families & carers

3.2. To improve inclusive facilities & services at WFC.

3.3. To provide a two-way communication system & consultative link between WFCE &

WFC for mutual information, advice & support.

3.4 To be an active member of the WFC ‘We Allies’ EDI Group.

3.5. To improve access to home & away fixtures.

3.6. To work closely with officials & stewards associated with WFC & WFCE.

3.7. To review compliance with the Accessible Stadia Guidelines.

4. Organisational structure

The WFCE shall be represented by a Chair and Vice Chair,

Both shall be elected/re-elected on a two year tenure, to run from November 1 st and voting

shall take place electronically or by post.

Voting: All Enables members will have a vote. The majority vote will always stand.

Chair: In the absence of the Chair, the Vice Chair will stand in.

Membership: Membership of the organisation is open to WFC supporters with disabilities,

their friends, families & carers. A membership fee, if any, shall be determined by the Chair in consultation with the members.

Meetings: These will be scheduled, at the Chairs discretion, twice yearly and held via Zoom or equivalent unless
members specifically request a face-to-face meeting.

Alteration of Rules: Rules changes may only be made or changed by a majority of voting members.

Signed off by the Chair - David Butler and Dave Newman, representative of WFC 

Amendment by AGM Resolution, 7th November 2023           

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