How do I join Enables?
Membership of WFC Enables is free.

Just email to wfcenables@gmail.com your contact details and we will add you to the membership list -
       Full name
       Email address
       FAN ID
       Type of disability e.g. wheelchair user, hearing loss, visually impaired etc *
       Address with Post code
       Age *
       If you wish, please describe your disability *  -
            e.g. wheelchair user, hearing loss, visually impaired etc

* Requested so that we only send you information relevant to your circumstances

1) This information will only be shared with Watford Football Club and no other organisation.

2) We may require proof of disability - see the "About Us" page for requirements.

Do you have Blue Badge parking available?

Parking is extremely restricted around Vicarage Road. The club has a limited amount of blue badge parking spaces available in Stadium Way, at the service station at the top of Occupation Road and at Chater School, most of which which is allocated on a seasonal basis. There is limited provision for individual matches, which can be booked by contacting our Ticket Office hotline on 01923 223023.
See Parking Maps - Click Here.