29th November 2016 - Annual General Meeting



Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Watford FC Enables held on 29th November 2016 at 7.30pm, in The Staff Room, Vicarage Road Stadium.


Committee Present:         

David Butler                          Chair

Phil Nightingale                    Vice Chair

Phil Linnegar                        Secretary

Dave Messenger                  Membership Secretary


WFC Officers in attendance:

Richard Walker                     Head of Supporter Communications & Sales

Dave Messenger                  Supporter Liaison Officer

Will McCafferty                     Head of Safeguarding & Equality Lead


                1.         Welcome


                David Butler welcomed everyone, and thanked them for their work supporting Watford FC
                ENABLES, since the last AGM.
   David introduced WFCE Committee Members and WFC
                 Officers to the Meeting
    1. 2.         Minutes of the last meeting


      2.1       David reported that there were now over 140 Members of WFCE, and it was  our aim to represent all WFC supporters with any form of disability.


      3.         Matters arising from previous Committee meeting


      3.1       Soccersight.  A Member expressed concern that the Soccersight headphones were not charged up, and usually took up to 10 minutes to get a pair, which   was frustrating after a long journey.  Dave Messenger explained that there were 21 headsets, but only 5 or 6 were usually used.  Enables asked that  someone from WFC is made specifically responsible for undertaking pre- match checks.  This was agreed by the WFC staff.

                 NB. Since the meeting WFC have taken this action


      4.         Secretary’s Report


      4.1       The Secretary had nothing to report.


      5.         Hon Treasurers Report.


      5.1       The Hon Treasurer, Iain Lamb, apologised for not being able to attend but had sent a report for tabling, for the year ended 30th September 2016.  The current balance was £793.40. A Receipts and Payments Account, and Statement of Assets was tabled. This was accepted for information.


      5.2       Independent Examination.  WFC Head of Finance, Katie Wareham, had independently examined and approved the prepared accounts.


      6.         Election of Officers


      6.1       All Officers stood down from their posts, and nominated representatives     from WFC were confirmed.  The meeting, being an AGM, confirmed the new

                  Committee as follows:


      Chairman                              - David Butler

      Vice Chair                             - Phil Nightingale

      Treasurer                               - Iain Lamb

      Secretary                               - Phil Linnegar

      Social Secretary                   - Gary Armstrong

      Fundraising Officer              - Vacant

      Membership Secretary        - Dave Messenger


      WFC                                       - Dave Messenger - Supporter Liaison Officer

      WFC                                       - Joanne Simonds - Disabled Liaison Officer 

      WFC                                       - Will McCafferty - Head of Safeguarding & Equality Lead


      7.         Election of Independent Examiner


      7.1       The WFC Head of Finance, Katie Wareham, had agreed to continue to act as             Independent Examiner, and this was agreed.


      8.         Watford FC Update


      8.1       Dave Messenger reflected that upward membership numbers will help keep

                  the Club on its toes and enable continuing meaningful communications.


      8.2       Will McCafferty explained that the Club was committed to achieving the
                  Premier League Equalities Standard – Intermediate Level.


      9.         Any Other Business


      9.1       Chairman’s Statement -

                  Response to WFC Accessible Stadia Guideline Plans


      9.1.1   The Chairman explained that the Accessible Stadia Guidelines regarding

                  wheelchair places is a calculation based upon stadia size, which for Vicarage

                  Road equates to 153 places. However, the demand indicates a reasonable need for 61, and shortly the Club will have another 31 to meet any future demand - total 92. To create another 61 wheelchair places for which we have no demand would mean removing between 700 and 800 seats and potentially creating an antagonistic attitude towards our members by those able bodied fans being unnecessarily displaced.

    2. 9.1.2   This is not only about wheelchairs, but also positioning, leg room and ease of access for ambulant fans and WFC will meet these guideline requirements in full by the August deadline.

    1. 9.1.3   The Chairman introduced the Joint Statement with WFC concerning these
                  issues, the essence of which had been circulated to all members previously, and asked
                  the meeting to vote to support our involvement. The meeting unanimously

                  supported being party to the Statement.


      9.2       Sensory Room


      9.2.1   Dave Messenger explained that the stadium would be equipped with a       sensory room, which provides a safe and secure area for children with  additional needs.  Only Sunderland in the Premier League have a similar provision.


      9.2.2   The WFC sensory room would be the first in the South of England and London.  It will accommodate up to 6 children with carers, (two of which can be in wheelchairs).  WFC have engaged with local schools on this development.

      Chairman stated WFC should be very proud of this facility.


      10.       Close


      10.1    General Meeting


      10.1.1 The date of the next General Meeting would be notified in due course, and held at The Staff Room, Vicarage Road Stadium.  Members would be notified by email and by an announcement on our website – www.wfcenables.co.uk


      10.2    Annual General Meeting


      10.2.1 The date of the next AGM was proposed and agreed by the WFCE Committee, to be within 12 months of this meeting, ideally in late October 2016, after the association’s financial year end in September.  The date would be notified to WFCE members. 


      10.3    Close


      10.3.1 David closed the AGM at 8.40pm and thanked everyone for coming and taking part.