Enables Disabled Supporter Group

Enables is the supporter group for people with disabilities at Watford Football Club. 


WFC Enables was established in March 2007 by a group of enthusiastic Watford supporters and Watford FC staff to provide a voice for disabled supporters.


The group provides a platform for regular dialogue with the Club relating to the stadium development and the improvements to facilities for the disabled and also creates a social forum for supporters to enjoy meeting and talking about what drives them on - Watford FC!


Membership of WFC Enables is FREE. Just 
 with the information below and we will add you to the membership list -
       Full name
       Email address
       FAN ID
       Date of Birth *
       If you wish, please describe your disability *  -
            e.g. wheelchair user, hearing loss, visually impaired etc

* Requested so that we only send you information relevant to your circumstances.

1) This information will only be shared with Watford Football Club and no other organisation.

2) We may require proof of disability - see notes below

Enables is organised by an elected committee made up as follows :-

                    Chairman:                     David Butler
                    Vice Chair:                    Phil Nightingale
                    Treasurer:                     Iain Lamb
                    Secretary:                     Phil Linnegar
                    Social Secretary:          Gary Armstrong
                    Fundraising Officer:      Vacant
                    WFC:         Dave Messenger - Supporter Liaison & Disability Access Officer
                    WFC:         Shelly Newman - Disability Liaison Officer

Enables Constitution : This is displayed at the bottom of this page, please scroll down.

Proof of disability

Every individual experiences their disability differently and Watford FC recognises this, so we review each request on a case by case basis.

The club reserves the right to check a person’s eligibility under the Equality Act 2010. All supporters with disabilities purchasing tickets in our accessible areas at Watford FC would be requested to provide an original copy of any of the following prior to purchasing tickets:

- Confirmation of the Middle or Higher Rate of Disability Living Allowance

- Confirmation of the Middle or Higher rate of Mobility Allowance

- Confirmation of the Middle or Higher rate of Attendance Allowance

- Confirmation of the Middle or Higher Rate of Severe Disablement Allowance

- Certification of being Registered Blind or Partially Sighted

- A personal letter of support from your GP, Hospital Specialist (dated within the last two months)

- Enhanced Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

Please Note: Receipt of a Blue Badge or incapacity benefit will not be considered sufficient to enable you to purchase tickets.

Proof of the above documentation must be seen before a booking can be made. All documents must be sent or handed in to the Ticket Office.

A personal assistant will not be admitted without being in the presence of the disabled supporter. If this is the case the personal assistant should visit the Ticket Office and upgrade their ticket, paying the prevailing rate for that match. Personal Assistant tickets are transferable however tickets for disabled supporters are not. Should any supporters or personal assistant’s be found to be abusing this or any of the disabled supporters ticking policy the club reserves the right to deny access.



1. Name: The group shall be called Watford Football Club Enables  (hereinafter known as WFCE)

2. Definitions: The following abbreviations/phrases may be used:

WFC    -        Watford Football Club Limited
WFCE  -        Watford Football Club Enables

3. Aims and Objectives: The aims and objectives of WFCE shall be:-

     3.1.To provide a social forum at WFC for supporters with disabilities along with their friends, families & carers
     3.2.To improve inclusive facilities & services at WFC
     3.3.To provide a two way communication system & consultative body between WFCE & WFC for mutual information, advice & support

    3.4.To improve access to home & away fixtures (tickets & transport)

    3.5.To reach & embrace other like minded organisations

    3.6.To generate funding to benefit WFCE

    3.7.To increase the supporter base of WFC

    3.8.To work closely with officials & stewards associated with WFC & WFCE

4. Constitution.

The WFCE shall be managed by a committee of up to 14 people which will include a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, at least 1 representative of WFC, and up to 9 other committee members elected from the membership. 

All officers shall be elected/re-elected annually at the AGM.

5. Management.

The Committee shall meet as and when required but at least twice a year which can include the AGM.
 At least seven days notice in writing will be given of the place, time, date and agenda to every member of the Committee.

Quorum:  Business of the Committee may be transacted by not less than four members (including one from WFC).

Voting:  Every person represented on the Committee shall have one vote.  In the case of equal voting, the Chairperson shall have a second, casting vote.  The majority vote will always stand.

Chair:  The Committee will elect a Chairperson who will hold office for twelve months.  In the absence of the Chairperson the Vice Chairperson will take the Chair for the meeting.  In the absence of the Vice Chairperson the Committee will elect a Chairperson from one of its members.

Minutes Secretary:  The Committee will elect a Minutes Secretary who will hold office for twelve months.  The Secretary will prepare the agendas and minutes of meetings.  In the absence of the Minutes Secretary the Committee shall nominate one of its members to take minutes for the meeting and act accordingly.

Treasurer:  The Committee will elect a treasurer who will hold office for twelve months.  The Treasurer will manage the WFCE bank account, present financial reports to the Committee, and liaise with WFC for annual independent examination of the accounts.

Membership Officer:  The Committee will elect a Membership Officer who will hold office for twelve months.  The Membership Officer will undertake membership publicity and correspondence on behalf of the Committee.

Social Officer:  The Committee will elect a Social Officer who will hold office for twelve months.  The Social Officer will undertake social events on behalf of the Committee.

Fund-raising Officer:  The Committee will elect a Fund-raising Officer who will hold office for twelve months.  The Fund-raising Officer will undertake related activities, on behalf of and supported by the Committee.

6.  Finance:  The funds of the WFCE shall be kept at a bank approved by the Committee.

    6.1     Cheque signatories:  All cheques drawn on the WFCE account shall be signed by at least 2 authorised signatories.

    6.2     Accounts:  The accounts of the WFCE shall be examined annually by an Independent Examiner appointed by the Committee.

7.  Membership:  Membership of the organisation is open to WFC supporters with disabilities, their friends, families & carers.  The membership fee shall be determined annually by the Committee. 

8.  Alteration of Rules:  Rules changes may only be made or changed by the majority of members (including Committee Members) attending a General Meeting.

9.  Dissolution Clause:  In the event of a cessation of the WFCE, any surplus funding remaining shall be distributed to a local charitable organisation operating in the field of disability, sports, leisure or education, to ensure that the funds continue to be used for the principle objectives of the WFCE.

Signed by the Chairperson and a representative of WFC  

2nd Amendment by AGM Resolution, 27/11/2018